Rob Justice is a software engineer, scrum master, team lead, ex-podcaster, sorta game designer, kinda writer, father (x3), husband (x1), cat (x2) keeper, dog (x1) friend, comic book enthusiast, banjo learner, 3d printing enthusiast, and an all-around good guy.

Rob is notable for his work in the table-top roleplaying game industry. Starting in 2008 when he co-founded the internet’s first explicit RPG discussion podcast, The Bear Swarm!. Since then he has hosted several other podcasts including BS! Radio, Digging for Diamonds, and The Commute.

While he did self-publish his first game, Danger Close, in 2010 his career in game development didn't take off until he began working with John Wick Presents in 2015. He co-developed Unspeakable along with John Wick for use with Curse of the Yellow Sign and was then brought in as a System Designer for 7th Sea: Second Edition. Rob would write for 7th Sea’s Pirate Nations and New World sourcebooks along with one of the systems the first official adventures, The Castle.

In 2017, Rob wrote a Spotlight Setting for Cortex Prime called The Safe Zone and the Running a Horror Game advice section of Party First. He also released his first card game, Reading the Play.

Rob would go on to release his first RPG, Murder! Be Thy Name, in 2018. This was a unique project in which Rob did everything from writing, to graphic design, to sourcing art. Originally not intended for public release, Murder! Be Thy Name was designed for an audience of two; the band American Murder Song. However, after delivering copies to the band Rob decided to release the game for print on demand. Later that year he also made a small card game, Gif-Kwando.

The next year Rob released a micro-game, The Lovecraft Social, for free via Imgur.




Murder! Be Thy Name

Murder! Be Thy Name is a tabletop role-playing game for 2-7 players inspired by the musical experience of American Murder Song. This game uses tales of murder to explore America’s history during the Westward Expansion era.
The players will portray characters who end up making horrible, immoral decisions by forces outside of their control. Those choices will, ultimately, lead them to murder.
However, this is not a game about glorifying murder. The characters are not the heroes or villains. They are simply human beings who are about to do some really bad shit.
In order to play you’ll need a couple friends, some paper, a pencil, a standard deck of poker cards, and a stomach for the macabre.

Reading the Play

Reading the Play is a card game themed around “The King in Yellow.”
Players race to assemble passages from the infamous play, while dealing with the madness contained within.
Players take turns either drawing from the deck or trading with each other. Each player is attempting to assemble as many sequential lines of the play as possible while avoiding Yellow Signs. The game ends when the final line of the play is revealed, at which point the player with the most lines in front of them wins. Players have to be careful though because if anyone ever has three Yellow Signs in hand the game ends and everyone loses.


Gif-Kwondo is the fast-paced game of animated hilarity.
A party game where the players race to see who can find the best gif for a Noun & Verb combination.
In order to play all participates need a device capable of searching the internet for gifs (cell phone, tablet, laptop, etc.)

The Lovecraft Social

Lovecraft Social is an online role-playing game for three friends. Each player creates a Character and rotates between three roles; the Investigator, the Witness, and the Scribe. The characters take turns telling a story about their investigations, questioning each other, and recording their findings in the Master Chronicle. Characters have only one stat; Sanity. Characters slowly lose Sanity while recounting their investigation but gain some back with the support of their peers.